Monday, September 15, 2008

Taking a Break for A Lovely Moon

Like many other people these days, including my esteemed blogging friend Gillian Swart, I've been so obsessed with recent politics that I've had trouble sleeping and as you can see, I've been crabby and complaining. But one needs a break.

This morning I went out walking in the clear, cool air after a weekend of heavy rain. I took my usual route, through Burroughs Park and back along I-69 on Brookside and Sunnyside, around Pierce School and back down Calumet. It takes me a half hour and it felt wonderful. Sometimes when I walk that route I notice everything. Today, though, for some reason, all I did was breathe in the tangy air, daydream and think about my classes. I barely remember anything about the walk, but my body felt vigorous and healthy all day afterwards.

And coming home after my evening grad class, my little old Honda and I drove directly into the glow of a bright 7/8ths full moon, gleaming over Court Street.

It was a rugged day all around the world but I still had that green walk in a neighborhood I adore and an almost full moon to welcome me home. Time to savor the simple pleasures.

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Gillian Swart said...

Thank you for the kind characterization!

I think I'll follow your lead and take a walk. I could actually picture your route in Flint ...