Thursday, September 11, 2008

Andrew Sullivan Backs Obama

I've been following the career and often cantankerous opinions of gay Brit Catholic conservative Andrew Sullivan, and while sometimes he drives me crazy, I really admire the way his mind works and how he observes American politics. So I was quite struck by this piece, laying out his extreme disallusionment with John McCain, that appeared in The Atlantic yesterday: The Daily Dish on McCain.

Bought my Obama yard signs today at the headquarters on Fifth/Robert T. Longway that used to be Windmill Place. Interestingly, there was much more activity at the new Family Dollar store, which had its grand opening in the parking lot in front of the Obama storefront. On the nightly news, much was made of this opening -- providing at long last one spot at the entry to "The North End" to buy some everyday items and groceries.

And watched the first excerpt of Sarah Palin being interviewed by Charlie Gibson. Without her teleprompter assistance, she went back to saying "nuke-you-ler." When questioned by Gibson about whether she'd met any heads of state, and she said "No," she quickly flashed a bit of the adolescent hubris she'd demonstrated elsewhere, sneeringly breaking dignity to say that she didn't have a "big fat resume" (like some of those other uppity candidates? The ones who've had the gall to accumulate top-notch educations and international expertise?) as if being well educated and experienced is somehow suspect. Education doesn't matter, though, because apparently, God wants her to be VP. She didn't even blink when McCain asked her, she said. She is ready "for our mission." She had a hard time clarifying anything -- what the "Bush doctrine" is, whether the war in Iraq is "a task from God," as she said at her former church recently, whether she thought the U.S. had the right to attack Pakistan. It was deeply disturbing to watch.

We will be in big trouble with this person as vice president. I vigorously agree with Andrew Sullivan's take on the deterioration of the dignity and credibility of John McCain. I feel like going back to that spartan Obama office almost hidden behind the dollar store and giving more money.

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