Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanks to Katie Alvord

...for her generous blog entry today about my novel, Night Blind, and my visit last week to Finlandia University in Hancock, MI. Here's the link to what she wrote: Alvord on Night Blind. Alvord is the energetic and prescient author of the still good-selling 2000 book Divorce Your Car: Ending the Love Affair with the Automobile, Katie's book. I met her in the chapel of Hancock's tiny Lutheran college (it used to be Suomi) on Maunday auspicious day and place for making new literary friends. It's so encouraging to be reassured that my 2006 book, forged out of decades of turmoil and rejection, still has legs with new readers. Thank you, Katie!

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Katie Alvord said...

You're very welcome! Your book deserves more readers. Thanks to you for directing interested folks to mine!