Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Perspective on Healing

" is only by being willing to face, consciously experience, and go through our wound that we receive its blessing. To go through our wounds is to embrace, assent, and say "yes" to the mysteriously painful new place in ourselves where the wound is leading us. Going through our wound, we can allow ourselves to be re-created by the wound. Our wound is not a static entity, but rather a continually unfolding dynamic process that manifests, reveals, and incarnates itself through us, which is to say that our wound is teaching us something about ourselves. Going through our wound means realizing we will never again be the same when we get to the other side of this initiatory process. Going through our wound is a genuine death experience, as our old self "dies" in the process, while a new, more expansive and empowered part of ourselves is potentially born."

Paul Levy's "The Wounded Healer" in Pinchbeck, Daniel {ed.}
Toward 2012: Perspectives on the New Age, 2009 pg. 37.

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