Saturday, June 07, 2008

Check out Mitch Gann and Castle in Clouds

Good morning, dear readers. I've added two interesting new blogs to my "Perhaps of Interest" list at the right below. Check out my colleagues "Mitch Gann," ace rhetorician and union leader Jim Anderson, and master techie, writer and mom Krista Heiser at Castle in the Clouds.

Mitch uncovered a recent study saying "disagreeable" personality types have a better chance of retaining their intelligence into old age. Krista watched her son put "nock nock" jokes on the blog she created for him. Great stuff.

I'm off to convene with distant cousins from the Thornton side of my family tree at a Red Lobster in Monroe, Michigan. Where else but the birthplace of General Custer? I wonder what will cost more -- the lobster or the gas? I'm thinking the gas, by far. But I'm looking forward to meeting these folks, who're driving from Ohio for a predictable round of reveals about our complicated ancestors.

Crankily and intelligently yours -- Macy

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