Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Another Christmas over with.

Almost no traffic on Sepulveda Blvd. this morning for Ted's regular checkup, and a gratifying chance to meet his doctor, Michael Borovay, a bouyant and cheerful fellow who was right on schedule, fast with his mini-laptop in accessing Ted's data, and quickly responsive to our questions. I don't know if the world cares about the details of my specific life experience, but it means a lot to get good service from anybody these days, especially a physician.

Borovay said one of his daily rituals is to find one thing every day that delights him: today, he said, it was discovering that he could access a particular drug program online. I've been in a funk so I decided to try it. And came up with more than one without even trying.

1. Breakfast at Rex's Cafe on Pacific Avenue: the place smells fabulous and the wait staff were smiling and attentive this day after Christmas -- the "bus man," who I think might also be the owner, said "Feliz Navidad" at every table and shook our hands. They thoughtfully serve bagels and toast dry, and the fruit bowl that comes with omelets contains actual fruit -- pineapple, melon, blackberries -- delicious.

2. Walking back to the apartment in bright California sun, stopping at the thrift shop, past the old cemetery on 24th and up the hill.

3. Listening to my new Aretha Franklin compilation, at this exact moment "Never Gonna Break My Faith" with Mary J. Blige and the Harlem Boys Choir.


Darkpoet said...

Sometimes it's just required that we consciously look for the good things in life. I've had some weird funks lately too. I managed to find a bit of solace among the leagues of Christmas food and video games....seeing family was ok too.

Macy Swain said...

Thanks, darkpoet, for your message. "Solace" -- what a lovely word.
Here we've had Santa Ana winds, the "mistral" off the desert that has been correlated with many physical effects -- something about "positive ions" that ironically have a negative effect on human bodies. Sounds like wacky theorizing, but apparently there's some science behind it.
There is something to be said for the meditation of noting daily blessings.