Saturday, December 01, 2007

By the Way, His Name was Knight

(By the way, his name was E. Knight Worth. He went by "Knight," and my mother's print of "Galahad," which one of her girlfriends gave her when she got engaged to my father, was one of her prized possessions. I have it still.)


Anonymous said...

Please -- and the "E" stands for what?

Anonymous (And still sorta bitter.)

Macy Swain said...

Oh, yeah...Everett.

Anonymous said...


My old man's gone by a nickname for 84 years after being saddled with a first name he hates. Funny thing is, his father had the same first name and wouldn't use it either but then went ahead and slapped it on the first son. Go figure.

That's beyond bitter. That's kinda cruel.