Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thoughts on Day Two

Ted continues to reflect on the Obama win. I especially appreciate his comment about process over ideology.

"This is day two of the new Obama era. I continue to celebrate this historic event and ponder upon its meaning and implications. At this point, it seems to me a victory of process over ideology, pragmatism over dogmatism, humanism over primalism, problem solving over partisan warfare, and coming together rather than wedging apart. I don’t fear that Obama will move us left, as many Republicans do. That was not the point of his campaign or his rhetoric. He is not an ideologue--he is a problem solver. He is a community organizer par excellence. Left and right, conservative and liberal--these are lose/lose concepts that he rejects. He leads by setting the tone, not dictating the outcome. He is a process guide, not a knight of the holy grail. He articulates the dream and coaches us in working together to realize it. He is a breath of fresh air in a badly polluted environment. He is precisely the right person at precisely the right time. I am fully over my initial preference for Hillary--she would have been a great President, I’m sure, but the past few months have convinced me that Obama is exactly what this country needs at the moment. I voted for him with no reservations, and I look forward to his presidency with both hope and trepidation. These are very dangerous times, and very exciting and hopeful times."

Good morning!

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