Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Housemates for Troubled Times

Can you see Henriette's Egyptian eyes?
This is Gus, warily checking out the dining room

What's better for a peaceful night than a cat asleep at the foot of the bed? Since the unhappy demise of our beautiful Joey two years ago, we haven't had a cat, and I've missed it.

A combination of circumstances has brought two new kitties into my life -- Gus and Henriette, who moved in yesterday, and aren't quite sure they like this new place. They're brother and sister, both shorthairs -- Gus is gold and Henriette, delicate little girl, is gray.

They've both been mostly hiding in the basement since they arrived, though the little dabs of food I've put out for them have disappeared, and Henriette did find me in bed last night at about 2 a.m. and settled down with a few meows for about 10 minutes -- then rushed off again to hide. This morning I caught her -- eyes only-- under the dining room table.

It's nice to have cats in the house again. Their previous mommy, Megan D., has agreed to help me take care of them during my jaunts to L.A. Thanks, Megan!


Krista said...

They'll make great company, I'm sure. Sometimes affection, sometimes annoying, always entertaining. At least, that's my take on cats!

Gillian Swart said...

*Checking to make sure my cat is still here* Gus looks just like MY cat!