Sunday, April 20, 2008

Smells Like Summer

Ahh! Somebody's barbecuing chicken tonight. Walking along Calumet, I could smell it for at least five blocks. Red spiricles are uncurling from the tips of every silver maple and the chickadees are making that earnest LOVEyou LOVEyou call from the rooftops. Can true summer be far behind?

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Krista said...

I hope not! I just planted some seeds and I'm hoping a late frost won't kill them off. If all goes well, we'll have sunflowers, daisys, lilies, irises, hostas, and a bunch of other pretties sprouting around the house during the next month or so.

And can I just say it was glorious digging into the flowerbeds with a warm sun at my back and the sound of birds chirping somewhere nearby?