Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Made It

It's official -- 50,335 words.

And probably less than halfway to Novel #2. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience -- thanks to Jim Anderson, Dave Larsen, Janelle Wiess, my NaNo buddies -- our daily emails to each other were inspiring and motivating. Special thanks to our beloved colleague Cathy Akers-Jordan, our ardent supporter and statistician. And to Stephanie Roach, who gave us all NaNo Iron-On Badges!

Oh! And thanks to Ted, who laid a new black MacBook on me in the middle of the month (my birthday, a day on which I wrote 2,000 words thank you very much) and who demanded to hear what I'd written, and who understood his response, invariably, should be "Great stuff!" no matter what.

And finally, here's to the joy of making sentences, day after day. As our other colleague, Scott Russell, said the other day, "I write because I like to." It's been fun.


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Macy Swain said...

Thanks, Greg! It's the most I've ever written in a month, even including those halcyon Warren Wilson days.