Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend at Pt. Fermin Park

I'm in Flint and Ted is in San Pedro these days, and the only thing that makes it bearable is that Ted sends me fabulous emails. Here's a sunset shot from Pt. Fermin Park and Ted's description, copied with his permission, of his walk there last night:

"My Pt. Fermin walk was a sensual delight. Even at 6:45 the park was still jammed with people. It was a veritable gathering of the tribes as I recognized family gatherings of Mexicans, Croatians, Italians, Blacks, Persians, Islanders, Koreans, Thai, a few groups I couldn't pin down, and a sprinkling of mutts like me. BBQs flourished and the intermingling of their scents was one of the most powerful sensual delights of my walk. It was a cornucopia of odd and familiar smells, each one suggestive and appetite arousing. By the end of the walk I was famished. Visual and sound cues were equally as delightful, from the cheery babel of happy families appreciating the cool breezes to the colorful clusters of party balloons, kites, and gliders. Almost all who were left in the park moved to the west wall to witness the sunset. When the bottom edge of the sun hit the ocean, I was further delighted by catching sight of a hawk gliding about 30 yards over my head. In a rather stiff breeze, it held a stationary position perfectly. It was really quite incredible. The entire crowd was drawn back and forth between observations of the hawk and the rapidly setting sun. When the last edge of sunlight sank into the Pacific, people lingered, savoring these simple pleasures as long as possible. I was one of them. What felt particularly good about the experience was sharing it with such a diverse clutch of people--in harmony and peace."

Thank you, Ted. Here's to harmony and peace on this quiet day.


The Cat Bastet said...

Thanks for sharing Ted's beautiful photo and description!

Hey, why is the time on my comment 3 hours earlier than Michigan time? Did you set to California time?

Macy Swain said...

Hi, Cat. Yes, at some point I set it to San Pedro time. It makes me feel more cosmopolitan, doncha know. And a little closer to Ted.

Glad you enjoyed Ted's contribution. I like this notion of a guest writer!