Thursday, July 26, 2007

Goodbye #2: The Best Tabloid Ever

Can it be? I'm in shock and mourning -- the world's greatest tabloid ever, the Weekly World News, is shutting down Aug. 3. Life in the checkout line is gonna be so damn boring from now on.

According to Frank Mastropolo, apparently from Weekly World News, here's the official announcement. "Magnificently Trashy" indeed!

Excess Hollywood: WEEKLY WORLD NEWS DEAD AT 28!
Freaks, Geeks, Weirdos!

Weekly World News, the newspaper of record for the deranged, announced this week that it was folding on Aug. 3, leaving Bat Boy, Zombie Elvis and P'lod, the extraterrestrial who had an affair with Hillary Clinton, homeless. No reason was given by American Media for shutting down the almost-entirely fictional, magnificently trashy supermarket tabloid, though declining circulation was suspected. Launched in 1979, the rag somehow managed to beat the rest of the news media to scoops like "Oprah to Replace Lincoln on $5 Bill," "12 Senators Are From Outer Space" and "Pope Wants Mel Gibson as Successor."

1 comment:

The Cat Bastet said...

Don't forget this recent headline:

"Babies Living on Board Titanic! What are they doing on board ship?
How do they survive?"

Not to mention the baby in the Titanic life ring who has been floating around on the surface for 95 years!

Yes, indeed, I will miss this entertaining reading the next time I'm waiting in line at the grocery store. :)