Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Is it possible they awakened, or arrived, or whatever they do, over just one night?

The first surprising glow in the corner of the eye (did I just see that?) then another by the bird bath, then another back in the corner by the floppy hosta, and then a whole yard full, the green, just-mowed, fragrant yard oscillating and aglow, silent, pulsing and unexpected. Not last night, but tonight.

Last night a dream of shattered glass, wandering the house in that bellicose dark of 3 a.m., my telltale body goosebumped with fear. No sleep and the BBC up loud to scare away trouble.

Then tonight, first fireflies, dusk a velvet plush, and just like that it's summer.

(image above, Empire of Lights, Rene Magritte)


Krista said...

It's funny you mention fireflies. Two nights ago we lost power around midnight. When the hubby and I got up to find my cell phone and call the power company, we noticed the green flickering lights in the woods behind our house. You know those panoramic views of football stadiums where flashbulbs are exploding from every side, twinkling in and out of existance almost faster than the eye can register? That's what our woods looked like, but there were no cameras, just tiny little insects signalling their friends.

Macy Swain said...

Wow. What a cool thing. That would have been the same night I saw them.